Friday, December 11, 2009


Power of Stones

Amber is reported to protect health as well as being especially favored as a symptomatic relief for headaches, toothaches, respiratory discomforts, infections and rheumatic pains. One of the most magnetic stone known. Amber has a low thermal conductivity and feels warm to the touch. It lifts the spirits and also reduces fluid retention and helps detoxify the urinary system.

Amethyst (Purple) peace stone. All-purpose healer that promotes tranquility and inspiration. Great stress buster. Combats migraine, headaches and skin problems. It boost the immune system and purifies all levels of consciousness. Excellent for enhancing intuition and protection

Agate is stone of strength, protection and support. Relieves tension, stress, fears. They come in red, green, fern, plume, brownish clear. Powerful healer of sickness, and protection against negative energy.

Aquamarine calms nerves. Strengthens kidneys, liver, spleen, thyroid. Reduces fluid retention. Body purifier. Aids clear thinking, creative self-expression.Balances emotional, mental, and physical bodies. Helps overcome phobias, fear. Facilitates meditation, inspiration, peace, calmness, love. Also known to preserve youthfulness in the face and restores good vision.

Aventurine - you may use it as an opportunity stone to increase your perception. It can work as a “gambler stone” for luck in games of chance. Wear them when you need a little something extra in
your favor, or even to increase your opportunities. Put it in your pocket, take it to the race track or on your first date, and give yourself an aventurine chance.

Blue Sapphire the stone of “holy blessings” draws protection, and prophetic wisdom to the bearer. Attracts and oversees one’s divine destiny or
“mission” in life, instilling hope, faith and joy during the journey. Sapphire can focus healing, loving energy on anyone needing it, without the user’s participation.

Chrysocolla - A semi-precious stone also considered as “green turquoise” favored as stone of prosperity, luck and business.A stone for those who have difficulty expressing their feelings.

Peridot (Apple Green) opens the door to new opportunities. It accelerated personal growth and discovery. It also creates opportunities and reduces stress and stimulates the mind. Speed up transactions.

Clear Quartz is sometimes called Rock Crystal. It aids in general healing that amplifies, stores and focuses energy. It helps increase resistance to stress. It stimulates brain functions thus enhancing intelligence.

Rhodonite aids the central nervous system, thyroid glands, pancreas, pituitary gland, and body reflexes. Strengthens the immune system and increases the memory. Eases physical and emotional traumas, reduces stress and calms the mind. Brings love into action and manifestation.

Red coral was credited with the power to destroy bad energy vibrations. The early Romans used it to protect and heal their children. Red coral was worn also by newly married couples as a protection against sterility. It is an excellent choice as a gift for children, as it can strengthen and support their growth.

Rutilated Quartz is a wonderful stone for strengthening positive direction. It will keep your loved ones close to you in thought and feelings if you’ve become separated or out of contact with them. It can lead you to love, goals, and in positive directions.

Emerald (Green) aids in memory and enhances prosperity, love and patience. Its the crystal for abundance.

Garnet the stone of love, luck and success. Gives you the courage, consistency and enthusiasm to finish/reach your goals in life.

Hematite is a powerful blood cleanser that boost the immune system and helps circulate oxygen in the body. Good for blood disorders, arthritis, diabetes and leg cramps. A magnetism stone that helps attracts abundance, opportunities and people into one’s life.

Jasper the supreme nurturer. Highly valued by shamans as sacred and powerful stone of protection and grounding. Provides safety during astral travel.Brings the energy of the sun to rejuvenate and strengthen the body. Helps tissue regeneration.

Jade is a stone that inspires the mind to make quick and precise decision. Radiates divinity, unconditional love, courage and wisdom. It’s a Good Luck stone that brings wealth and good health.

Strawberry Crystal fills you with love and joy, use to travel inward to your heart center. It is used in healing, stimulates memory of the to the center of the universe, the reason behind it gives you the power of nature.

Lapis Lazuli - Psychic facilitator. Stimulates inner visions, to give you enhanced wisdom, insight andgood judgement. An excellent “executive stone” because it can strengthen your intelligence and wisdom. Cleans the mind, body and spirit of toxins and negativity. Stimulates the will, perfection, awareness. Encourages integrity in relationships.

Moonstone - Stone of wishes, intuition, and balance of emotions. Brings all that is needed. New beginnings. Re-birth. Motherly love, support, encouragement. Absorbs pain and illness.

Regenerates tissues and organs. Heals reproductive system. For abundance, balance, and self-confidence. Harmonizes and attracts beauty.

Petrified Wood is used as a sending crystal; also used as Buddha Beads. It helps affirm your wishes.

Black Onyx is used for successful and positive release. Good for people who just got out of troublesome relationship.

Malachite - Powerful healer absorbs illness directly. Clarifies and keeps clear the path. Assist in the manifestation of the hearts desire. Strengthens intuition, and can reveal the root of the problem. Protection from radiation.

Topaz (Dark Yellow) calms the emotion, relieves tension and stress. It restores physical energy. It let’s us know that it is by the grace of God that we are given all thing freely. Love, wealth, happiness and knowledge are all freely available to us through topaz.

Tiger Eye - stones for clear thinking, accurate judgment, for protection and for good luck. Put on your eyes and see clearly. The Tiger's Eye is also called the "Prosperity Stone". It is a good emotional balancer and inspires one to achieve higher goals. It also gives better perception and insight especially in decision -making.

Turquoise provides peace of mind, mental relaxation, gives emotional balance and enhances friendship and loyalty. It is also known to protect the wearer against evil and bad luck. Best
gift for someone traveling. Heals throat ailments, eyes, circulation, headaches, stress related skin disorder.

Bloodstone - Most famous member of Jasper Family of Stones. It is an exceptional “wound” healer, gives strength and courage to the wearer. Good for those involved in negotiations to block obstacles.

Blue-laced Agate calms your emotions and mind. Wash away your mental clutter. Stimulate your attitude. Brings out your inner beauty.

Cat's Eye was a popular good luck stone and was often used as an amulet. When you're afraid of making an incorrect decision, it will help you think clearly before you act. It will help you to see what you are getting into before you get into it. Wear 'Eye' stones for clear thinking, accurate judgment, for protection and for good luck. Put on your eyes and see clearly.

Rose Quartz called the Love Stone. It promotes love for self and others. Inspires understanding, acceptance, forgiveness and self-confidence. It aids in easing sexual and emotional problems. Clears stored anger, resentment and jealousy. Aids in finding love

Sunstone Quartz honors the God, energizes and empowers oneself, gives you strength and power within. Stimulates the heart center. Lucky stone for prosperity, fame and fortune. Gives charisma to the wearer.

Serpentine - A banded or grained green rock commonly found in bedrock, color ranges from light green to gray or olive green. A traveller’s bead. Roman travellers wore them for might protection, to keep away unseen danger, a protection stone.

Citrine (Yellow) called the” Merchant Stone”. Citrine Quartz is an energizing and highly beneficial crystal. It’s energies are directly related to the sun, and like the sun, it’s energies are invigorating and positive. It raised self esteem and helps overcome self destructive tendencies “ A citrine in one’s cash box can produce more income for the merchant.” It not only assist the merchant in acquiring wealth but maintains wealth as well. It attracts abundance.

Ruby(Red) - The “queen” of all gemstones. The stones of love, surround the user with an aura of beauty and can actually transform the appearance. Protects one from all negativity and physical harm or illness. Attracts stability and loyalty. Known as the “ stone of royalty”, it is believed that as long as a piece of ruby was around, wealth would be too. Ruby emits a warm, healing vibration that ancients have said could intensify to a “red hot” heat, powerful enough to boil water. The transmuting fire of love. Helps heal the heart and all blood impurities. Detoxifies the body. Brings about power and leadership. Helps overcome sense of limitation. It inspires devotion, courage and strength. This is also a wishing crystal - hold on it and wish whatever your heart desires. Keep it to your self until your wish comes true. Only then can you tell others what you wished for.